“Our mission - To build a community that ignites the idea that we only buy what we need; choose it for its purpose, treasure the materials it’s made from, champion the people who’ve crafted it, pay for its true worth, repair it when it’s broken, and pass it along when you’re done with it.” Ruth Littlejohns - Co Founder of Ember

In late Spring 2018 we were clearing out our shed and thanks to an old tent tucked away in a dark corner the concept of ember started to evolve. The initial BIG idea was to take discarded tents and repurpose them into outdoor travel bags, that was until we realised someone else was doing it! So we had two options, step on their toes and become a competitor, or rethink the whole idea. We decided on the latter. It didn’t take us long before we realised that there are amazing designer makers out there producing well designed, innovative products from up+recycled materials. So it got us thinking, after identifying a gap in the market, no one that we know of is championing them, there are no platforms out there celebrating creative up+recycling designer makers and if there is we haven’t found them yet. So we’ve built ember to bridge the gap between the up+recycling designer maker and the conscious consumer.