We too are designers. We run a small design studio in Cornwall. Every day we come up with ideas.

Some are just ridiculous, others are totally impractical, few never come off and there’s one or two that just keep us awake and never really go away. Ember was one of those concepts that kept us up at night.

On paper ember was a neat little concept, make travel bags out of discarded tents, simple we thought, until we realised there were already people out there doing it. So we had two options, step on their toes and become a competitor, or rethink the whole idea. We did the latter.

Like all good ideas you have to make a plan, but we soon realised that we had to throw ours out the window, our idea was taking us in a different direction. This was okay, because with any idea you have to let it grow, be prepared to adapt it and go down roads you never planned to travel.

There were a few things we knew for definite, we love design, we love the environment and we want to show how we can design better. So how do we combine the three? Build a platform that showcases and finds inventive solutions to material problems through up+recycling designer makers.

Why up+recyclers? We firmly believe that if we design products out of todays ‘waste’ by designing things better, we can support a circular economy which in turn will help protect our environment that little bit longer. There is no getting away from the fact that we will always consume, we just need to find a better way of doing it. Through Ember we want to ignite conversations, stories, ideas and thoughts in order to become a place where we can make connections with like mined people.

Our mission - To build a community that ignites the idea that we only buy what we need; choose it for its purpose, treasure the materials it’s made from, champion the people who’ve crafted it, pay for its true worth, repair it when it’s broken, and pass it along when you’re done with it.