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“Yen had always been interested in fashion but had become disillusioned with what she saw on the high street. Copious chain stores offering fast fashion and a throwaway culture to match. She longed for a high street which shared her passion for individuality, quality and sustainability.

By chance, Yen came across a designer whilst travelling in South East Asia, whose mission was to create ethical bags and accessories using repurposed and recycled materials. What made these products so special to Yen was the imaginative way in which the materials had been reinvented and the positive impact that their creation was having on the local community. Excited by their creativity, her passion was rekindled.

Scouring the globe looking for designers, each with their own mission and creative story, Yen made it her aim to share their brilliant products; showcasing the quality of their craftsmanship and the individuality of their designs. She would create a platform to tell their stories and support their visions. She would show the world what can be achieved with reclaimed and repurposed materials. This is why Paguro was born.

Our vision is to bring together a collection of the world’s finest upcycled products, focusing on quality craftsmanship and contemporary design. We collaborate with producers and designers who share our desire to create positive social and environmental change. By telling the stories behind their creativity, we aim to pass on the same sense of excitement that we feel when finding a new designer and experiencing their brilliant products for the first time.” Paguro

Photo Credit - Paguro

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