Cut Out The Waste

Promoting your sustainability credentials by producing large quantities of leaflets, posters and banners is a contradiction in its own right. You can’t cut out the waste by making more waste — can you? A brief landed on the studio desk from one of our existing clients FX Plus, who deliver student and staff services on behalf of the local universities, which are committed to creating a sustainable campus.

The Brief 
Encourage students and staff to think more sustainably, to be more proactive with their recycling, and to guide them to the relevant facilities where available.

The Problem
How do you promote a sustainable message without adding more waste to the issue by generating large volumes of new marketing materials?

The Solution
Stockpiles of waste cardboard generated by the refectory was up-cycled to become the marketing materials that would promote the various calls to action.

The Result
Campus marketing initiatives can quickly become ‘wallpaper’, but due to the distinct nature of this campaign, it has been praised as being both an enduring and effective solution.

Ruth Littlejohns